#Faith4Elvin will galvanize the compassionate faith leaders of this community as well as inclusive faith leaders across NYC, so we can strive for #ANewBronxTale that is truly supportive of all of God’s children. 

#Women4Elvin will have a platform for the many women leaders in this community to increase participation across the district to shape public policy as part of #ANewBronxTale.


#LGBT4Elvin will mobilize the LGBT community in the Bronx and across NYC to promote New York Values and amplify the aspirations of the growing Bronx LGBT community as part of #ANewBronxTale

#NYCHA4Elvin will empower neglected public housing residents with a platform in this campaign to advocate for the only place they call home and usher in #ANewBronxTale of representation.


#Bangladeshi4Elvin will ensure one of the fastest growing communities in the Bronx speaks up for #ANewBronxTale that defends immigrant rights and trumps hate.

#Youth4Elvin will give voice to the next generation of Bronx leaders eager to become more engaged in shaping their community as part of #ANewBronxTale for millennials.

Join us and become a co-author in writing the next chapter of #ANewBronxTale.


Your contribution helps us write the next chapter of Bronx leadership.


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